The Devil You Say …is Tim Tate!

> Here is a link to Tim Tate’s newest project. After a review of his body of work, Tim qualified for posting on the website. This site’s mission is to provide new directions in private philanthropy, allowing one to invest in America’s finest artists and illuminate the value of artists. The funding sought will allow Tim to realize his most adventurous installation yet. Tim will be creating a Virtual Sculptural Tour of the Nine Levels Of 21st Century Hell.

From the United States Artists website : This installation will re-define Dante‚Äôs 9 Levels of Hell for the 21st Century while showcasing the impact of social media and the Internet on the way the world interprets these levels… The show will draw the viewer into each of the new proposed descending circle, such as Wall Street Traders who destroy the economy and Oil Executives who destroy the environment. This will be an attempt to focus on 9 concerns to our present day world… On the front of each artwork pedestal will be words scrolling to let the viewer know the phrases being searched. Inside each dome will also be an LCD screen with video playing illustrating each type of concern on each level… There will be quite a bit of information being displayed, and it will engage the viewer for some time. These pieces will be interesting enough to draw in viewers for every level and keep them engaged for some time. The premise is to make a compelling and timely statement about the concerns of modern man.

If you know Tim’s work…you know it will be quite a ride! Tim also has exclusive perks for some key pledge amounts. Watch Tim’s explanatory video….and give if you can. Click HERE to jump to Tim’s posting.