Bullseye RCBA Gallery Opens Painterly Glass Exhibit

>Bullseye Glass had earlier this year opened their new facility in the California’s Bay area near the Silicon Valley/Berkely/San Francisco corridor of Emeryville, CA. The place is called Resource Center Bay Area (RCBA) and this facility (the third of BE owned centers) offers workshops, supplies and a gallery.

RCBA, Bullseye Glass’ new home in California. 4514 Hollis Street, Emeryville, CA

One of the upcoming exhibits at the RCBA Gallery opens this coming Saturday, Aug 4, 2012. Titled: Facture: Artists on the Forefront of Painterly Glass, a number of the works were shown at BE’s Portland gallery early this year in a show of the same name. The exhibit will showcase kilnformed glass paintings (mostly frit on sheet glass) from the artists Abi Spring, Kari Minnick, Martha Pfanschmidt, Ted Sawyer, Jeff Wallin, and WGS’ Michael Janis.

Jeff Wallin Residue of a Figure Study

kilnformed glass

from the BE website:

Facture: Artists at the Forefront of Painterly Glass is a group exhibition that explores many of the concerns of contemporary painting, but does this exploration with glass. Painting exists in a continuum with centuries of tradition while simultaneously embracing aspects of sculpture, installation and collage. Painting today goes beyond pigment on a surface; it is an approach to image making that encompasses the ways in which a material is used to construct a work, how an artist approaches a subject, and even how an image is conceived. The artists included in Facture are constructing paintings using glass.

Michael Janis Observation of Signals

kilnformed glass and steel 

Glass, unlike traditional painting materials, is both surface and solid. Value and intensity can be created on the suface as well as volumetrically. Paintings made from glass are image and object; illusion and reality, and these artists, at the forefront of this young method, are scratching at the boundaries of both.

Martha Pfanschmidt Last Year

kilnformed and coldworked glass

View the exhibition: Bullseye Resource Center Bay Area Gallery, August 4 – October 20, 2012.

Opening Reception: Saturday, August 4, 3–5pm. 4514 Hollis Street, Emeryville, CA 94608
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The Dream is Alive in Portland, OR


Portland – where young people go to retire – as portrayed on IFC channel.
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Opening night of “Facture” exhibit at Bullseye Gallery, Portland, OR.

Opening night photos by Robert Wade.

I am doing a couple of blog postings from Portland, Oregon – the “City of Bridges” (aka City of Roses, Stumptown, PDX or Portlandia). In town for the Bullseye Gallery talk (at the BE Resource Center) – I have a chance to look around this groovy, funky town that has quickly become one of my fav cities.

Cool things about Portland:
Powells Books: I could have spent the entire weekend roaming the aisles of this place.

Powell’s Bookstore is addictive.

Good Food: Portland has interesting zoning in the downtown that allows street food truck vendors to flourish. Many of the downtown parking lots are fringed with an amazing assortment of high quality food trucks.

A Sense of Style: Portland has this in many ways – the city has a strong hipster vibe, similar to the hippie feel of Asheville, NC – and lampooned in the TV show Portlandia. It also has the art scene that includes a strong glass presence that Bullseye Factory and Gallery bring to the town. Bullseye Gallery opened the Facture show this past week, and held a panel discussion on Sunday. Below are some shots from the opening.

Photos from the opening of Facture by Robert Wade.

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Bullseye Gallery Features Artists That "Paint" With Glass


Touching With A Lighter Hand / Michael Janis

Bullseye Gallery in Portland, Oregon has a great new show of work by artists that use glass as a canvas. Facture” has already created a bit of a buzz. The GLASS Quarterly‘s Ruth Reader has a great article and interview with Michael Janis about using glass as a painter’s canvas. This weekend, January 8, from 2 – 4 pm, Bullseye will host a panel discussion with artists Michael Janis, Kari Minnick, Martha Pfanschmidt, Ted Sawyer, Abi Spring, and Jeff Wallin; moderated by Michael End. The artists will also present images and discuss their methods.

Bullseye special events are offered free of charge, but advance reservations are required. Reservations must be made at least 24 hours prior to events. To reserve your spot, call or email BE: 503.227.2797 or portlandclasses@bullseyeglass.com

Bullseye Resource Center, 3610 SE 21st Avenue, Portland, Oregon

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