New Class Added to Schedule – Basic Arduino!


A new class has been added to the class schedule for the Washington Glass School Fall/Winter Schedule:

Class 1125-
Using New Technology in Your Artwork – Basic Arduino For Artists

Here’s a class is specifically designed for artists who want to incorporate programmable electronics into their existing artwork. The Arduino is a small, versatile and simple controller that’s been been used and tested by the tech savvy crowd and is now ready for artistic use. Use this new technology to make your artwork more interactive, add a 4th dimension to your 3-d sculpture, or have motion controlled sound emanate from your paintings!

Its time to enter the 21st century!

We will be focusing on work that will contain movement, light or sound. The first day we will survey whats out in the world, while dissecting its components. Day 2 will focus on your designs and how to incorporate these interactions into it. This is the day you need to come in with ideas! Day 3 will be the final assembly so that you will be able to go forth into the new millennium of artistic expression! No prior programming or electronic experience is neccessary, but always helps of course!

Instructor: Chris Petrelli / Erwin Timmers / Tim Tate

Dates : Sundays in Oct. (2,9 & 16)

Time : 9:30am to 1:30pm each day

Tuition : $500 per student

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