Glass School has its Ducks in a Row

An odd day – working at the glass studio on Sunday – perfect day -nice & quiet. A neighbor comes to the door – asking if the ducklings under my car are mine. Sure enough, there are 5 baby ducks cowering under the car. In the middle of the decidedly un-pastoral Mount Rainier, MD. No mother duck in site. No body of water in sight – except for the open sewer run-off ditch.
We decide that we should capture the ducks and release somewhere more appropriate – along the bay. The neighbor said that she has raised ducks before, and would take care of them until they were older and could fend for themselves.
A stint of running around trying to capture the ducklings (who run much faster than you might think) and they were all rounded up. What an usual Mother’s Day at the Glass School (& how typical).