Mondo Bizzaro Glass – Yet Still More Glass Fun Facts



The normally august and sane National Geographic channel treats us to a freak show, titled Humanly Impossible, with one segment all about a glass eater. The series offers a look into extreme performers such as glass eaters and sword swallowers that push the human body to extraordinary limits. But how do they do it? Humanly Impossible follows a team of doctors and scientists to reveal the physiology behind bizarre and dangerous stunts that surpass average human capability.

Artist’s rendering of an inside-the-mouth pov showing glass coming over the lips and past the gums.

My favorite is when doctors investigate The Great Nippulini to find out how he lifts up to 70 lbs. using only his nipples. Be sure to set your Tivo’s and recorder for this Oct 8th, at 3am to capture the magic.