Glass Art Society Cancels Arizona Conference

>The Glass Art Society (GAS) has made a strong statement – they have cancelled the 2011 international conference scheduled to be held in Tuscon, Arizona, citing concerns about financial concerns and also concerns about the “political climate” (the immigration law SB1070). Below is an excerpt from a letter sent to members:

“On Wednesday of this week, the Glass Art Society Board of Directors, charged with the fiduciary responsibility of the organization, decided to cancel the 2011 GAS conference in Tucson, scheduled to be held, April 7-9, 2011.

The decision was not taken lightly by anyone. The Board clearly appreciates and understands the tremendous amount of work that has been put in to the 2011 conference by Tucson and GAS. Ultimately, a decision had to be made and had to be made quickly, based on the organization’s finances and the need to avoid a large deficit for the fiscal year had to take precedent over any other sentiments the Board members have.

The Glass Art Society is a 501 (c) 3 organization. As a not-for-profit, we are feeling the affects of the waning economy as well. GAS is not boycotting the state of Arizona but made the decision to cancel the conference because the economics did not support going forward in this political climate. With a Latin American focus for this conference, the controversial issues in the state are particularly poignant. Whether glass artists south of the US border would come; whether GAS would be liable for things that could happen in Arizona for the Latino members; whether GAS could weather the negative economic impact to the organization that this issue could cause; whether in this economic climate the local committee could raise the money needed for the conference; were all issues that the Board needed to consider.

Although an alternative site has not been selected, the date will definitely change. We propose that the conference will now be June 9-11, 2011. GAS has much to do now to find an alternative site and program the conference with changes that will be needed. We expect to announce a new location at the Louisville Conference in June.”

The GAS 2010 conference is scheduled to take place this coming June 10 -12 in Louisville, KY. Click HERE to jump to the conference website.


The Glass Art Society sent its members an email June 04, 2010 that included a clarification of its reasons for the cancellation of the 2011 conference. Click HERE to jump to text of the GAS letter.