"International Glass Prize" Competition


Flemish Center for Contemporary Glass Art, Lommel, Belgium

Charlotte van der Seijs – a private foundation – has announced a new competition for artists working with glass. The International Glass Prize is “a triennial international glass competition for arts, design, and crafts” hosted by the GlazenHuis in Lommel, Belgium, a glass museum housed in a strikingly modern building comprised of mostly glass.

The theme of the first competition is quite simple: The Object.

The prizes total 20,000 Euros (Appoximately $27,500 US), which is divided as follows: 10,000 Euros prize money, 10,000 Euros to purchase a work for the GlazenHuis collection, and two residencies at the GlazenHuis Studios. The organizers have made entry into the competition easy, accepting up to three works from any one artist, forgoing an entry fee, and no age limit. Acceptable types of entries include product design, free form, sculptural glass and mixed media, as long as glass is the primary material.

Applications are being accepted until February 1, 2012, with the selection of contestants notified within the following two weeks. Winners will be announced the 6th of July, and the exhibition will be on display in GlazenHuis until October 8, 2012.


Tina OLDKNOW (US), curator modern glass, Corning Museum of Glass, New York, United States
Jan BOELEN (BE), director Z33, platform for design and visual art Limburg, Hasselt, Belgium
Richard MEITNER (US/NL), artist, professor Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal
Jeroen MAES (BE), artistic coordinator GlazenHuis, Lommel, Belgium


  • EUR 10,000 : This amount in total will be awarded as the prize. The jury will award this to 1 prize-winner, or divide the amount as it deems is in accordance with its findings, between 2 or (maximally) 3 prize-winners.
  • EUR 10,000 : For the expansion of the municipal glass collection the City of Lommel (Belgium) will invest up to EUR 10,000 in purchasing work(s) from the exhibition.
  • Residencies : In addition to the cash prizes, 2 residencies of 6 days in the GlazenHuis glass studio will be awarded at a value of EUR 3,900 including hot and cold glass studio time with assistant, and travel and accommodation expenses.

The application form is only being accepted online. Visit the official competition site – click HERE

If Its Tuesday, It Must Be Belgium


Michael Janis’ glass artwork is on exhibit at Belgium’s Glazen Huis as part of an international show titled “The Glass Canvas”, curated by J. Maes. The gallery exhibition is seen as a meeting between old and new in a glass context of religion, architecture, art and entertainment. The show contrasts historical glass artwork with contemporary glass work, from 14th and 16th century stained glass, 19th century glass photo negatives to work from current art glass leaders.
This exhibition is an investigation into the use of glass as a canvas. It is a series of confrontations of the glass canvas in its physical appearance (smooth-rough light-dark transparent screen-reflection miniature-monumental), but also in the psychological experience (accessible-unreachable reveal-blur protect-invite). Going from the canvas as a mediator between inside and outside, to the glass surface as an image former or transformer, as a classical canvas or carrier of a concept that appears as a rigid skin or as a flexible weaving. The glass canvas presents itself as a breakable membrane that gives access to the unreachable reality, which it reflects or deforms, fragments or defragments.The glass canvas is a virgin surface that is covered with paints and emulsions or damaged by chemical or mechanical attacks, but in its clear state can be used as a high gloss protector.”
Artists exhibited : J.Schaechter [US], A.Salvador [IT], W.Berckmans [BE], M.Dukers [IT], F.Jespers [BE], F.Federer [GB], L.Semecka [CZ], S.Peretti [DE/US],M.Janis [US], R.Hawes [CA], N.Sandberg [US], T.Lahaie [US], J.Röder [DE], D.Sandersley [GB], K.Vanderstukken [BE/CA], I.Rosschaert [BE], M.Martens [BE], G.Pierson [BE], J.Caen [BE], E.Leibovitz [BE], W.Delvoye [BE].
‘The Glass Canvas – Glass as a canvas, as carrier through history’
April 10 – September 25, 2011
Het Glazen Huis
Flemish Center for Contemporary Glass Art
Dorp 14b, B-3920 Lommel, Belgium

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