The Grinch In Art


Gaylord National Harbor Hotel Strictly First Glass shop

A number of years ago, the Washington Glass Studio was commissioned to create custom glass elements for the Gaylord National Harbor complex’s presidential suites lighting and for the signature glass sculpture in the center’s “Strictly First Glass” art gallery. Made from recycled glass, the ceiling mounted sculpture was intended to allow lighting to filter thru from recessed lights mounted in the ceiling.

Erwin Timmers installs the components made from recycled glass into the ceiling mounted sculpture.

A waggish designer commented that ribs that made up the steel support framework for the glass resembled an umbrella, and due to the tapered form, alternately to an upside down Christmas tree. Soon the artwork was compared to a scene from the 1966 animated Chuck Jones “How The Grinch Stole Christmas” television special where both a Christmas tree and umbrella are combined.

The Grinch steals the Whoville Christmas Tree.

So, somehow it is fitting that the sprawling resort and convention center features a sculpted holiday wonderland with scenes carved in ice based on Dr. Seuss’ classic story, on now thru January 9, 2011.

The Grinch in Ice

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