Blizzard of 2010 Shuts Glass School


Snowpocalypse! Snowmageddon! Snowgasm! Whatever you call this record breaking snow dump, it spells yet another day of heavy snow and blizzards in the capital of the free world as Washington, DC comes to a standstill. Congress and federal government offices are closed as is the Washington Glass School.

The weight of the snow is bringing down trees all over. DC’s department of transport is telling drivers to stay off the roads except for emergencies. Washington just broke its record of 54.4 inches of snow for a season (138.2 centimetres), set way back in 1898-99.

Flowers in the Snow

>A tremendous snowstorm socked in the East Coast right before Christmas, dumping almost 2 feet (60cm) of snow on Washington in one day.

Neon artist Jim Manning took some shots of the snow as it piled up on his outdoor neon sculptures – his “belle garden neonies”.





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