Glass Love In the Time Of COVID are watching the evolving news and recommendations regarding COVID-19 carefully. At this time, we are not canceling any scheduled programs. However, to help keep our glass community healthy, we are implementing the following procedures and policies immediately:

  • Increased cleaning of common areas and tools.
  • All artists are to wash hands upon entry to the studio. Soap and water are our new best friends. Washing your hands to 2 renditions of “Happy Birthday” is a good time pacer for washing (& everyone loves a birthday party!)
  • Eye contact, smiles, nods and words will be used instead of our usual high fives and big hugs.
  • If you are feeling “under the weather” or cough-y or sneeze-y …stay at home. Do not come into the studio.
  • Please use your best judgment on whether or not to attend a workshop, event, etc. at Washington Glass School. We urge you to err on the side of caution!

Below is an infographic about ways to prevent COVID-19, and a few links to other resources from people who have expertise in the areas of public health (we’ll stick to our expertise in art).

We are sending out lots of love to you, all our community, and the whole world for good health.

CDC COVID-19 Guidelines

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