The many moods that are Laura Beth.

For the past year and a half, Laura Beth Konopinski has been the Washington Glass School’s go-to person when it came to making the magic of glass happen. Our Miss LBK is heading out to the big world of academia, becoming the new studio tech for the glass program at Philadelphia’s University of the Arts.

Tim Tate and Laura Beth Konopinski discuss process in glass art.

At UArts, Laura Beth will be working with glass giants such as Daniel Clayman and Judith Schaechter. Laura had made a strong impact with the artists of the Washington Glass School and the area’s art scene, and had exhibitions of her works at GRACE Arts center and at shows like SOFA and Art Miami.

We will all miss her wit and wisdom, wishing her well as she takes over Philadelphia.

Best of Luck Miss LBK!!

Laura Beth kicking butt and taking names.

Laura Beth kicking butt and taking names.

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