Lucy Lyon- Fired Up! Online presentation by the Art Alliance for Contemporary Glass


Artist Lucy Lyon will present an online ‘zoom’ presentation that will be part of the Art Alliance for Contemporary Glass (AACG) Online Education in Art Series

AACG’s new Education Series, “FIRED UP”, features Lucy Lyon giving all a look inside her artist studio, process, and life on October 20 at 2pm EST. Working in cast glass, her work centers largely on the notion that despite the interaction we have in meeting up with each other, each of us is essentially alone. That brings up a bit of melancholy but it also makes the individual unique and therefore very important. 

She started working in glass simply because it is a very seductive material and chose to focus on sculpting figures. Lucy says: ” What interests me most is trying to convey the intellectual and emotional state of the individuals in my pieces, relying on subtle gestures, a turn of the head or twist of the hips, to express the figure’s state of mind.” 

We will explore these narratives with her, as we dive deeper into her inspiration and process.

All lovers of glass art are invited to attend!
Register today using the Zoom link below:

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