Maryland State Arts Council Exhibit Features Artists from Washington Glass School

Still image from Identity website

The Maryland State Arts Council (MSAC) has a special exhibit titled “Identity” featuring of the 60 artists exhibited in special show by Maryland State Arts Council. From the MSAC exhibit catalog:

“A person’s identity is constantly evolving and can include their cultural identity, social identity, gender identity, racial identity, and the intersection of multiple identities to form one’s whole self. The Maryland State Arts Council is reflecting self-reflective art that expresses and explores how the artist perceives themself through this online exhibition.”

The artwork is in online gallery in the by Kunstmatrix which allows one to “walk” thru a show). The show runs February 5th thru April 6th, 2021.

Max DeMulder ; “Nonexistence”, 2020; 14 x 10.3 inch; Watercolor & Ink on Paper

Click on link below to jump to virtual exhibit:
IDENTITY – 3D virtual exhibition by Maryland State Arts Council | art.spaces | KUNSTMATRIX

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