Architectural Glass

Long Grid

Cast glass provides an infinite variety of patterns and images. Each casting is unique, as the mold used to make the artwork is destroyed after each firing. Illumination and other effects can create strong visual statements. Above artwork is for a Las Vegas casino

Short Grid

Working within a steel frame module provides an architectural solution for large area artwork and smaller unique statements.

Circle Grid

The metal grid does not have to be square or rectangular. Above artwork for hospital lobby.

Circle Grid Detail

The colors and geometry combine to create a soothing and inspring artwork

Logos and Corporate Symbols

The combination of glass, neon and traditional lighting creates an effective lobby sign.

Glass Gateway

Detail of glass insert used fo a pubic park. We are pioneers in the use of plate glass for castings, which is appropriate for indoor or outdoor use.

The artisans of the Washington Glass Studio work with you, your architect or designer to create custom architectural works for your home or office.